ALL: Instructor Course - Open to All Grades

26 Jan 2023

0930-1400, Sunday 26th February, at the University of York

This is open to all grades Yellow belt and above.

A big part of Jiu Jitsu is sharing your knowledge and experience with others to help them develop. Yellow help beginners, Yondans help dans, etc. These courses are designed for your level, and are a key part of your development as Jitsuka.

Guidelines (these may change):

Club Assistant (CA) - aimed at Yellows, Oranges, Green - requirement for Purple belt - running committees, warmups, welcoming and working with beginners

Assistant Instructor (AI) - aimed at Green, Purple, Light Blue - requirement for Light Blue belt - teaching small groups, breakfalling, how to be a senior grade

Club Instructor (CI) - aimed at Dark Blue, Bown - requirement for Brown belt - running a club, planning, making decisions

Details of how the course will run tbc, just stick the day in your diary. Lineup will include of Sensei Anna (Sheffield), Sensei Joe (Leeds Beckett), Sensei Simon (Leeds Uni) and a VERY SPECIAL MYSTERY GUEST (oooooooh) to run the day.

Arrival & Welcome - 9:30am
Theory - 10-11:30am
Practical - 12-2pm
Drinks & Feedback