CITY: Traffic Management

26 Feb 2019

The City of York Council are carrying out roadworks in early March that will affect access to St. Peter’s School where parking is provided for Jiu Jitsu classes being held at St. Olave’s School. If you are driving to classes during the affected period, please take note of the information below, provided by St. Peter’s School.

Given that Marygate carpark is less than two minutes walk from the St. Olave’s School (easily as close as the parking at St. Peter’s School), we would recommend that you make use of the letter allowing free parking at Marygate car park referenced at the end of the information below.

Arrangement for Traffic at St Peter’s School due to Highway Maintenance of Clifton from Monday 4th March for two weeks until Friday 15 March (MONDAY – FRIDAY ONLY)

Please note that the following will apply each evening (Monday 4 March to Friday 15 March, inclusive) due to the road closure in Clifton between Water Lane and St Olave’s Road.

  1. Cars will be able to enter and leave St Peter's site normally up until 19:00. Clifton Road closes at 19:00.
  2. By locally agreed negotiation with the contractors, from 19:00 – 19:30 cars will be able to ENTER the first horseshoe gate (normal entrance).
    • Please note that if you are travelling from the ring road direction you may need to follow diversions to get around to this point as Clifton will be closed from Water Lane.
  3. From 19:30 onwards, St Peter's traffic flow will be reversed on site, and you will only be able to LEAVE the site – from the first horseshoe gate (normal entrance)
    • You will be able to turn right towards the city and will need to follow the diversions to head towards the ring road.

If you are attending an event or sports session after 19:00 we advise that you find an alternative means of transport or park elsewhere.

During this period the council are assisting with parking by:

  1. Relaxing parking restrictions in the surrounding streets.
  2. Providing free parking at Marygate car park, provided you display a copy of this letter in the windscreen of your car.