Training Costs

The costs around training are kept to an absolute minimum. The clubs are run by volunteer instructors and all of the money goes into the costs for running the club such as hall hire, affiliation fees, insurance, etc.

Club Membership

City Centre Club Free
University Club Must be a member of the University athletic union

The University of York policy is that all club members must be a member of the university’s atheltic union. The cost of membership can vary each year, and may be discounted if you join part way through an academic year.

If you are a member of the city centre club, you will likely be able to train at the university club on an ad hoc basis. If you are a member of the university club, you may train at the city centre club at any session.

Session Costs

City Centre Club Adults First class is free £5 per class
City Centre Club Children/Students/Concessions First class is free £4 per class
University Club Students/Staff First class is free £4 per class

Licensing/Insurance Costs (Annual)

Each year all club members must pay an annual licence cost. This covers member affiliation to The Jiu Jitsu Foundation, and through that member to member liability insurance for training.

The only exception to this is for new starters who are permitted a grace period of two calendar weeks from their first session where they are covered at no cost. After this period has elapsed, the licence must be paid for an submitted before joining a training session.

Adults £30
Children £18