York Jitsu club is based at St. Olave's School just off Bootham, just outside the walls of York's city centre.

St. Olave's School is the junior school of St. Peter's School and provides tutition for a number of boarding students.  For this reason the gates at St. Olave's may be locked.  The recommended entrance is via St. Peter's School where there are also free parking facilities available.

Over the summer in 2017 St. Olave's School is undergoing some significant building work around the entrance and so a temporary alternative access route is in place for the duration.

Access to the training hall will be via the side entrance to the hall.  The access path (shown in orange below) however is accessed from the area on the left side of the map. It begins from a side gate on the public foot path that runs between the grounds of St. Olave's and St. Peter's.  This gate is marked as Gate 2 (with a purple Japanese arch icon) on the map below and has an access code of C1890.  Gate 1 (again shown as a purple Japanese arch) allows access to the foot path and subsequently gate 2 to St. Olave's from St. Peter's grounds where the free car parking is located. Gate 1 has an access code of C1890X. Please allow an extra five minutes to get to the session as a result.

View YTJC 2017 Temporary Access Route in a larger map


Once the building work is completed access will return to normal and the details below will return to being the regular access details.

View YTJC Basic in a larger map

A  more detailed map with additional information is also available as well as a quick route from the nearby York Railway Station (where York bus and rail services converge).