York Jitsu Club accepts new members all year round. You don't have to have any experience and you've got nothing to lose ... because the first session is absolutely free!

If you can follow the map to find the club you're pretty much done. There are a few forms to fill out at the start of the session, and if you are under 18 years of age we would ask that a parent or guardian accompanies you to sign the consentual agreement to take a class.

  • You may also find it useful to have a read through our starting Jitsu guide.
  • You can also download our starter pack (Single Sided PDF | Double Sided PDF) which contains the forms you need to fill in as well as lots of extra information about the club.

The club has an open door policy but there are some "common sense" restrictions in place for the safety of our students:

  1. The minimum age for joining the club is currently six years old and we have no upper age limit. The minimum age limit is in place as most children have developed the necessary experience and maturity to understand the consequences of their actions with regards to the activities involved in martial arts.

  2. If you have a significant medical condition or have had recent major invasive surgery we ask that you first check with a medical professional (such as your local GP) to affirm your well being for undertaking what medically would be considered a physically demanding activity. If you explain to the medical professional that Jiu Jitsu is "a bit like Karate and Judo mixed together" they will probably understand the demands that could be made on your body.  It may be necessary to provide a suitable doctor's note along with your forms at your first session.

We do have experience of instructing people with a wide range of physical difficulties, medical conditions and learning styles so please don't assume that you can't do Jitsu.

If you do want to ask any additional questions before you turn up to a class please feel free to contact us.