The first thing to do when starting to learn Jiu Jitsu is to find a club to train at.  There are two Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu club's in York so if you live in York or nearby this bit is going to be easy.

Clubs in York

If you are a student at the University of York then the University of York Jiu Jitsu Club is the club for you otherwise you will want the city centre based York Jitsu Club.  There's lots of information about these clubs on the web site including maps of where exactly to find them.  Just follow the club links in the top left for further details about a particular club.

Even though the two clubs run independently both clubs do work closely together and students from either club are welcome at the other and there are a number of students who regularly train at both clubs.

Clubs Outside York

If you live outside of the York area (including outside the UK), then fear not.  The Jitsu Foundation maintain a list of contact details and locations for all the Jitsu clubs.


When selecting your club keep in mind not only the location and the costs but also the quality of instruction available at the club.  Remember that being good at something doesn't mean that you can teach it well.  Look for clubs where the instructors are constantly developing their coaching skills as well as their martial arts technique to find the best option.

The best way to do this is simply to ask to for the instructor's coaching qualifications as well as his or her Jiu Jitsu qualifications.

Once you have chosen a club the next step is to find a session to attend...